About Andrew Kepson

Working at the intersection of web development & marketing

I'm Andrew Kepson. I'm a web developer and digital marketer based in Colorado with a passion for building exceptionally fast websites.

How This All Started

I built my first website around 2003 using GeoCities to host web pages built purely with HTML. A couple of years later, I was creating custom MySpace pages for myself & a few friends with CSS.

At the time I didn't realize the opportunities available in web development, and in college I pursued my interests in writing and philosophy, earning my Bachelor of Arts as a double major in English Literature & Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. After looking for ways to make a living from writing, I discovered the world of content marketing, writing blogs and other content for websites with a focus on burgeoning software technology including blockchain.

Moving into Digital Marketing

After discovering the world of digital marketing as a content writer, I became interested in the world of SEO, joining the team at one of the leading digital marketing firms in the United States, SocialSEO. This gave me the opportunity to apply my writing skills and many other SEO tactics every day working with a range of businesses, from small local companies to ecommerce brands to large corporate enterprises and SaaS companies.

Working in SEO also reignited my passion for web development, and I returned to school to attend University of Denver's coding bootcamp, which is an intensive full stack web development program focused on JavaScript development using the MERN stack.

Back to My Roots

Upon graduating from University of Denver, I continued improving my knowledge and skills in SEO with a focus on SEO for React web applications, Core Web Vitals, and organic ecommerce growth. Not satisfied with improving sites built by others, I made the decision to move into software full time. Now I work as a headless Wordpress developer building professional and fast websites that are set up to achieve results with SEO and easily maintained by business owners and marketers.

Andrew Kepson is a web developer with extensive digital marketing experience based in Colorado